Space Logistic Markets, 1st Edition

A complete analysis and forecast of space logistic value chain and market.

Description & Key Features

Space Logistic Markets report review the space logistic value chain and its various vertical market with an analysis of both demand and supply drivers. The report includes access to space analysis including the impact assessment of fully reusable launchers, in-orbit transportation, active debris removal and life extension. The report also focuses on the governance of space logistics and touch upon the various commercial initiatives to improve space domain awareness and traffic management.

The report covers the emerging set of applications, most of which are at different stages of technological and commercial maturity, which have in common a growing set of in-orbit transportation and service activities adding more capabilities compared to regular access to space solutions. For time being, the first generation of logistics assets are adding flexibility with last mile services, technology maturity with debris removal demonstration, resiliency with life extension capabilities and awareness with space traffic management. In the long run a comprehensive space logistic ecosystem will materialize adding more capabilities as maintenance, refueling, orbital conveyance, in-space assembly for satellite manufacturers and operators hence transforming the way assets are operated in orbit.

The premium edition of the report will include an analysis of commercial spaceport market trends.

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