Satellites to be Built & Launched, 24th Edition

The Satellites to be Built & Launched report includes a database of all satellites launched in the last decade and a list of satellites currently under construction, as well as detailed status and maturity assessments of 55 commercial constellations of five or more satellites.

Description & Key Features
New in Current Edition

Mega-constellations currently under construction are presented in detail, emphasizing their business cases and their differing vertical integration strategies.

This report was prepared using an expert analysis of changing trends in satellite applications and missions, satellite operators and users, technology advances, and the impact of these factors on the satellite manufacturing and launch industry.

Key features include: 

  • Strategic outlook of industry issues and trends.
  • Comprehensive analysis of demand and supply distribution.
  • Global trends, forecasts and benchmarks by orbits, application, mass categories, types of customer and region.
  • Analysis of demand through three key performance indicators: number of satellites, mass to be launched and market value.
  • Detailed market drivers: M&A, new users requirements, GEO comsat orders, satellite flexibility, technical innovation, insurance
  • Satellite and launch supplier analysis
  • Commercial, Government civil and defense satellite demand breakdown by:
      • Mass categories
      • Type of organization
      • Operators’ region
      • Application
      • Orbit
      • Manufacturing and launch value 
      • Commercial constellation CAPEX analysis (launch vs manufacturing).
  • Two time periods of reference: Ten year historical trends and forecasts.
  • Extensive satellite database, with thousands of data points, covering supply and demand in 20 years.

The current edition of this report includes focus on space logistics, new GNSS architecture, and US DoD multi-layer constellations, as well as updated price modelling based on new data.

There is also a new chapter dedicated to the evolution of the industry with Satcom and Earth observation and evolution of users consuming habits.

New features also include an assessment of constellation maturity and credibility, a case study on intersatellite links for constellations, a GEO comsat demand outlook, and venture capital investments in the satellite industry.

Human spaceflight is not considered in this report.

Single User License $8,120
Corporate License $20,300

In-depth analysis of satellite applications and missions, satellite operators and users, technology trends in PDF format.

Excel databases, covering all satellites, regardless of mass, launched in the last decade, as well as satellites currently under construction, and launch forecast for the next decade.

Detailed status and maturity assessments of 55 commercial constellations of five satellites or more and analysis of business cases of the four mega-constellations.

Single User License $10,440
Corporate License $23,200

All classic options.

Extended database featuring 30 columns with detailed breakdown (constellation, specific application, manufacturing and launch contract status, information about satellite operator, manufacturer and launch provider).

Detailed database of Last and Next 10 years backlog and forecast of all government and commercial satellites.

Quarterly update of the satellites launches and manufacturing contracts database.

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