High Throughput Satellites, 5th Edition

The High Throughput Satellites report is essential reading for telecommunications executives, companies in the HTS markets, and space investors addressing both the upstream and downstream markers.

Description & Key Features
New in Current Edition

This publication provides an analysis of major drivers, strategic issues and demand for HTS, as well as an in-depth review of the HTS investment strategies of 35 satellite operators, decadal market forecasts, and a review of historical trends over the last 15 years.

Key features include:

  • In-depth review of high throughput satellite investment strategies of 35 satellite operators.
  • Cost base of capacity benchmark and business case assessment.
  • Vertical market forecasts for GEO HTS and NGSO capacity.
  • Two time periods of reference: 15 years of historical trends and a decade of forecasts.

The former government/enterprise market has been split into rural connectivity, corporate and civil government segments.

This edition features additional profiles of leading players including GEO operators (Viasat and Inmarsat) and NGSO constellations (Telesat, O3b, SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon Kuiper), as well as analysis of the growing trend of managed or vertically integrated service offerings.

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