Government Space Programs, 21st Edition

The Government Space Programs report is a comprehensive assessment covering 87 countries investing or set to invest in space. The report contains detailed analyses of these countries’ space programs and space budgets, drawing from public sources, government reports, and expert estimates.

Description & Key Features
New in Current Edition

This report contains a wealth of information on government space programs from six world regions: North America, South America, Europe, Russia/CIS, and the Middle East and Africa.

Users can either download the full report (PDF and Excel budgets) and refer to a region or country, or customize and visualize specific datasets, using interactive graphs, to focus on relevant information.

Key features of the report include:

  • Strategic Outlook containing global trends, forecasts and benchmarks by countries, regions and applications.
  • Detailed profiles of 89 space programs, covering all countries and organizations currently investing in space, including policy and strategic objectives, governance tables and organigrammes, and expenditures.
  • Breakdown and analysis of government space programs by application (satcom, satnav, EO, exploration, etc.)
  • Factsheets with high-level key figures for each country’s space program, including top applications, high-profile missions, total budget, world ranking, spending per capita, 5-year CAGR, and more.
  • Civil & defence organizations, assessed both jointly and separately.
  • Extensive Excel budget database, with thousands of data points, covering 10 years of historical trends, plus forecasts for the next decade.
  • Government space documents, from space policies, strategies, budgets and legislation available and easily accessible.

Premium subscribers can access quarterly updates via the Digital Platform, as well as all Digital Platform features including interactive graphs, customized data sets, data discovery and access, and more.

Classic subscribers are able to download the traditional Government Space Programs research product once a year.

Unlike previous reports, this new edition covers all 90 space programs with government investment in the last year.

Single User License $8,120
Corporate License $20,300

Analysis of 88+ national government space programs and budgets in PDF format, including strategic priorities, space policy analysis, space program description by application, and 10-year space mission roadmap.

Excel database including historical data and forecasts of consolidated space budgets split by space application and geographical region.

Single User License $10,440
Corporate License $23,200

All classic options.

Individual online country profiles and budget data updated quarterly.

Online interactive analytics and graphs.

Access to last 5 editions of the report (PDF format).

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