FSS Capacity Pricing Trends, 4th Edition

The FSS Capacity Pricing Trends report assesses current dynamics for the pricing of fixed-satellite service capacity, in light of continued technological innovation and the increased capacity of new generations of satellites. The report includes coverage of nine regional markets as well as reviewing the evolving cost of building and launching FSS, HTS and NGSO satellites.





Description & Key Features
New in Current Edition

This publication presents an analysis of how pricing parameters have evolved over the past 12-18 months based on an expansive database of more than 2,000 capacity pricing contracts and quotes. These price points are used to prepare projections and detailed case studies of the evolution of the base cost of supplying satellite capacity.

Key features of this report include: 

  • Detailed case studies of the evolution of the cost base of capacity supply.
  • Updated analysis of pricing ranges and reference levels across bands and infrastructure types across 9 major regions.
  • High-level pricing trend projections for the next 24 months.
  • Fill rate (demand vs. supply) analysis by band.
  • A sample of major capacity contracts from the past 18 months.
  • Industry and operator benchmarks of average revenue per unit of leased capacity.
  • Analysis of broadband constellation business case sensitivity to capacity pricing.
  • Analysis of DTH broadcast market pricing evolutions;
  • Review of mil-satcom market pricing (including commercial and government frequencies).

This edition of the report takes into account the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and analyses the impacts of in-orbit life extension services. It also features an overview of service pricing evolutions and effective cost base of capacity analysis over nearly 40 HTS systems, including all major VHTS systems and NGSO broadband constellations.

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