Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market, 14th Edition

Created for Earth Observation satellite manufacturers and operators, the EO Satellite Systems Market is a crucial research report analyzing the current, and future demand dynamics for EO upstream markets. The product includes an assessment of both commercial and government markets (including civil and defense).

Description & Key Features
New in Current Edition

This report provides detailed insights into the EO manufacturing market, including analyses and forecasts of market demand, key trends, and satellite capability benchmarks in mass, payload, performance, and other metrics. The report also includes detailed profiles and standards of leading and emerging industry players and government programs alongside these metrics.

Key features include:

  • Consideration of factors that will drive or inhibit growth in demand for EO manufacturing and launch, including:
    • Satellite system applications and missions.
    • Satellite operators and users.
    • Government and private-sector investment to support development.
    • Technology changes affecting both platforms and payloads.
    • Implications for manufacturing and launch businesses.
  • Satellite Systems demand dynamics and forecasts for the next decade over 6 world regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Russia & CIS, Asia & Oceania.
  • Policies & Regulations overview for the main EO Policies and regulations and the EO upstream value chain.
  • Benchmarks of:
    • Current and future optical, SAR and hyperspectral data capacities.
    • Satellite manufacturers.
    • Payload performances and mass.
    • Satellite CAPEX and mass to orbit.
  • Trends in EO satellite platform and payload technology.
  • Profiles of manufacturing companies and organizations.

Euroconsult Satellite launched and to be launched database: A database of all EO satellites regardless of their launch mass that was launched in the last decade. The database also nominatively includes satellites now in development for launch in the coming years and a forecast of those due to be launched in the next decade.

The scope of this report has been extended to include the global satellite supply and demand regardless of the satellites’ mass (previous editions included satellites with a launch mass >50 kg).

Earth observation satellites are now considered in a broader sense including radiofrequency and GPS-RO satellites in addition to the former scope included Optical (MSI, HSI, GHG), SAR, MeteOcean satellites. This edition now also includes pure defence satellites (unclassified).

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