China Space Quarterly, 3rd Edition

This quarterly report provides comprehensive analysis of the events in the Chinese commercial space sector, including satellite industry, technological developments, funding updates, and relevant M&A.

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China already has half a dozen launch companies who have secured more than US$100m in funding, and dozens more companies are working to pass this threshold. With tens of commercial Earth Observation satellites launched each year, the role of the commercial space sector in China is set to grow despite some of these activities remaining under the oversight of state-owned enterprises.

The China Space Quarterly Report tracks key developments across the Chinese commercial space sector, providing deep-dives and strategic analyses focused on this evolving market. The report tracks the numbers of satellites built and launched, as well as providing KPIs on funding and other business aspects on a quarterly basis.

The Q1 2021 Special Edition also includes an update from the second half of 2020.

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